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Four models how magic “works”?

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Ghost model
This model includes the belief that there is a spirit behind all things, whether they are alive or not - in essence even something like a stone has a spirit but also things on a large scale such as living species also have spirits.
would like to take an example of the monkey spirit of the monkey species. Japanese scientists found out something very interesting during their testings: they gave a problem to a group of experiment monkeys, to which the monkey had to find out the solution by themselves. After one of the primates had solved the problem, not only did the other monkeys in the research unit take action correspondingly, but even monkeys in the wild in completely different regions, across islands and countries. This exchange of information occurs through the spirit, not just something an individual monkey has but something the whole monkey species has.
In white magic it is possible to find access to the spiritual world through astral journeys, in order to obtain information and influence what you do with that information (for example rituals or sacrifices).
Energy model
With this model it is assumed that every being has an energy field surrounding it, which can be infused with other things. A magician really should have more energy than other beings. Thus, he or she is able to pass through energetic boundaries, expand his or her own energy and in turn obtain information on other beings and influence them, regardless of how far away they are.
Psychological model
It refers to humans as beings. An example here is the so called love magic, with which a magician’s psyche more specifically stimulates the subconscious and consequently finds access to it. A white magician must be able to do this in order to have an impact, because with white magic you can affect a lot of things psychologically. That is why it is so important for the magician and the client to talk.
Information model
With this model you can accept that we living beings are similar to computers, which contain different programs within, on which you can have an influence. Not just on a few programs, but on many more so that certain information, or even love and the like can be transmitted or placed. This also exists without magic but often we are not aware of this. Very often an influence takes places unconsciously through conversation or positive thoughts. It is more obvious in difficult situations. Offering your hand to somebody who is dying or telling him certain things will be very intensely perceived by the recipient. The more stress we are under or the more surrounded we are by unnatural life circumstances, the less conscious we are of this influence – we are too wrapped up in ourselves. Having influence and ascending to these spheres is more likely to happen when in a state of not thinking with the mind – such as during meditation.
Four magic models

A white magician does not differentiate himself from his/her work. He or she is aware of the responsibility not only for client's desire, but for many other lives. He or she must be aware of what is s/he doing and why. Where do the impulses s/he feels come from? First, a magician has to understand this and control this for him/herself. Then, only then s/he can understand also others and have a proper influence – although we, as human beings, like to skip the first step! Very often we do not have a clarity about the situation and think we can simply light a candle and therefore influence others. This is absolutely wrong. First and foremost, one must be able to influence and control him/herself.

White magic

Working with analogies

Magical work is mostly the work with analogies. It works with symbols. Whole magic is based on the principle “like with like”. That means, that using symbols and actual happenings in nature can support your work and amplify the magical effect. The most important used analogy, which supports desired result, is the huge power of planets.
One of the most important system is symbolism connected with the Moon and its lunar phases. They can be observed very easily and have strong impact on our planet (for example the ocean tides). The waxing, or growing moon is used as a symbol of something, what grows. During this phase mage practices spells for growth, increase or attraction. The waning, or shrinking moon symbolizes on the contrary decay, banishment and repulsion. The dark moon, or new moon, favors new projects, building protection and disposal. The full moon symbolises desire in its full power. Therefore it is linked with reflection, illusion and wholeness.

Magical work has always used the position of other planets in our solar system towards the earth. Every planet is connected with different day of the week, has different influences which themselves represent different aspects of human existence. Simply said, the success of your magical operation will be higher, if you do it on the favourable day. It is because good timing can increase and support the energy you put into the ritual. Monday is linked with the Moon and favours dreams, psychic activity and money. Tuesday is the day of the Mars, the planet of courage, will and defence. Wednesday is connected with Mercury, the planet of communication. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, generous and expensive luck planet. Friday is the day of Venus, planet of love and harmony. Saturday is dedicated to Saturn, it is time for expulsion and protection. Sunday is dedicated to Sun, bringer of joy and success.

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