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Why do we need rituals?

On a superficial level a ritual is a series of actions, through which the body and mind can be focused. However, on a much deeper level it is about getting the energy of an individual or of a group of like-minded people or to merge together with the power of God or with cosmic consciousness.
There are two types of rituals – the first serves the worship of deities and with the second type, one follows a specific destination regarding magic. Rituals which worship deities are normally celebrated on the traditional holidays. Magic rituals are used for practical purposes such as healing.

There is one more type of ritual to mention which falls exactly between both categories: the Pledge Ritual, in which you put yourself in the service of the Gods, but also at the same time working on yourself and your surrounding environment. Working alone you create your own rituals and at a later stage incorporate other beings that participate in the ritual.

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General Guidelines for Rituals

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Define the purpose of the ritual
Determine the sequence of events
Have the equipment you will need at hand
Prepare a sacred space
Prepare yourself physically and mentally
Opening the magic circle:
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Find the north on a compass
Call the elements to each quarter of the circle
Look for the gateways between the worlds
Summoning the deities:
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Concentrate on the deities
Receive their energy
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Intercession/ Incantation:
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Determine the sequence of events
Ask for fulfillment
Focus power/energies
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The final parts of the ritual
Give thanksgiving
Carry out the worship of the deities
Put power/energy back into the earth

Removing the magic circle

ritual chalice
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Mental and verbal opening
Physical opening
Tidy things away
Clean the equipment used
Put away the equipment
Destroy / Bury the remaining residuals in the ground

On the whole most traditional orders of sorceresses follow these guidelines. But discrepancies do occur because each circle develops its own ritual practices.

According to the order of sorceresses the cardinal directions are represented by members, who sometimes have an officer’s title. Officers can fulfill different tasks in the hierarchy and in the different rituals. For example, the officer of the east is normally responsible for preparing the room and the utensils. He opens the circle, looks for the north on the compass and opens the gate between the worlds. All officers take part in the opening ceremony. White magic rituals:

Translated from: Weiße Magie Rituale.

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