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Every sorcerer or magician starts a white magic ritual with making a magic circle. Why is it so? It is because the magic circle protects the magician from energetic influences, which could eventually harm or block his or her magical work.

The magic circle has a profound symbolic meaning. A Mage should be aware, that it represents the beginning & the end, macrocosm & microcosm, it also symbolises the perfect human being. The perfect human being and God are one. The mage, who stands in the middle of the circle, is connected with God and s/he manifests the God’s will. But this connection cannot be achieved only mentally in a way, that the ego/present personality of the Mage thinks how perfect he is! The Mage has to understand through meditation and introspection, what is his/her true, deeper nature, s/he has to know, that s/he and God are one.

Before starting a ritual, the mage ensures, that the place is safe and nobody can disrupt him/her during the ritual. In order to prevent disruptions, the sorcerer or magician closes/locks all the doors, switches off the phones. Or he/she carries out the rituals at night. The mage also needs not to be disrupted by unwanted spirits or energies. That is why a magician makes a magic circle around him or herself.

People cannot walk through walls, however spirits can, but spirits and daemons cannot penetrate through a circle of protection, however people can. The circle must be created with the upmost concentration. Strong concentration can be achieved by proper training- meditation.

the magic circle

As we already explained before, the mage always starts a ritual with making of a magic circle around him/her. Mage should be aware, how much space is needed for his/her magical work and his/her circle is accurate to his or her needs (not too small or big). During the act of making the circle, s/he is fully focused on the purpose and meaning of the circle. In order to support the circle made by the power of concentration, mage often marks the circle physically. For this purpose can be used candles, chalk, salt, stones or any other tool the mage feels being appropriate and helpful. Candles/stones are placed on the circumference of the circle or the circle is marked out with salt/chalk in clockwise direction.

The circle is always opened in a clockwise direction and closed in an anti-clockwise direction. During the magic ritual, nobody should step over the magic circle. If this happens, ritual is spoiled.

After creating the circle with proper concentration, the mage purifies the magical space inside the circle and calls basic four elements and archangels. Archangels are strong and sacred beings, so they have to be called with a big respect.
A sorcerer or magician starts in the east with the element air and archangel Raphael, turning clockwise to the south with the element fire and archangel Michael, turning to the west with the element water and archangel Gabriel and then to the north with the element earth and archangel Uriel. Then, mage starts his/her magical work.

The mage ends his ritual by thanking the archangels and elements for their help and saying farewell. Then s/he closes the circle in an anti-clockwise direction.

It is essential that a sorcerer or magician masters the elements. Please see beforehand the elemental exercises we have described on our website, in order to give enough power to the ritual. Read also about five inner voices and how to master them.

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