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Whether to meditate in silence, or to accompany oneself with some music, depends on circumstances. I believe, it depends on the current "mood". And one is not better than the other. Meditation with a nice after the busy day is relaxing and energising. But for example, for astral trips, or communication with some entities or deities, silence serves much better than any music. For busy people who work intellectually a lot, is the best choice some meditation CD, or mediation music list. It can help to relax better and to release the stress effectively. Music can also help us to gain balance of the body and mind. Balanced body and mind enables us to concentrate better and deeper, and to connect with our soul. Because, this connection should be the ultimate goal of our meditations.
Nowadays, we have a great variety of music, there are thousands of meditation music songs, relaxations songs, etc. The perception of the music is individual, so not every song is relaxing for everyone. Therefore, we offer here some tips, which can lead you to find the music, which bring the desired effect and help you to go deeper inside.
You can start by exploring my personal Spotify list:

This Song will help you to find joy, balance and inspiration for your day!

This Meditation will lead you to inner peace and place above time and space. Enjoy your life!

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