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Have you already met the love of your life but this person shows no interest in you? There is always a way to find happiness? Rituals for getting back together with your ex, meditations and white magic can help in awakening that person’s interest in you. We support our clients with the help of rituals that bring your ex back to you and by increasing the vibrancy of your aura, that you cannot be overlooked.

Everybody knows the example of someone who is not conventionally beautiful, but who still has a magnetic aura that attracts other people to them. Matchmaking rituals can increase you energy and the power of your aura. Forget your worries and try something new, broaden your horizons, in order to influence in your life in a positive way, in the long run.

White magic and rituals designed to bring your ex back to you will not only bring the partner of your dreams into your life, but also joy and happiness. But getting back together with your ex also means working on yourself and your own failings, only then can you be guaranteed long-lasting success with magic that helps bring your ex back to you.

Are you expecting to have to make a difficult decision or are you unsure of what to do in your current situation? Take advantage of our wealth of experience. We’re here to help you.

Your love will bloom anew in a completely natural way thanks to rituals that help you get back together with your ex. You can contact us here to arrange your first non-committal telephone call or write an email. Please contact us for a consultation.

Getting Back Together With Your Ex

Tape Spell

This spell is connected with the symbols of fertility and spring, which are celebrated in Europe for centuries. The symbol, which binds the love of two people together, is red and green tape. It is the tape seen at the love hunts or maypole during Beltane, and used to bring your love to you.

You will need:
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An oil burner with a tea light
2 teaspoons of water
6 drops of ylang oil
1 green candle 15-20 cm tall
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1 elastic band to tie around the candle
Strips of red tape 245 cm long
Strips of green tape 145 cm long
Matches or a lighter
The best time to carry out the ritual

It is best to carry out the spell during the May Day. (Take into consideration also the moon, best is the waxing moon, if there is waning moon on may day, perform the ritual during the first next Friday in waxing moon).

The ritual instructions:

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Carry out the spell within a magic circle that has been set up appropriately and take the following steps:
Put the oil and water in the oil burner, light the candle and pray to Mary Magdalene.
Take the green candle in both your hands and say: "I want to give my complete love to this maypole in my hand. May the love that is looking for me find me here within these walls."
Tie the rubber band around the candle, about 2.5 cm under the wick. Stick a strip of red tape under the rubber band and say: "And my love is nice and passionate." Repeat this step with the green tape and say, "My love is chic, send my love my way."
Stick the last strip of tape to the candle and say, “Bring my love to me. May my love stay.” Light the candle, then remove the strips of tape and bind them together, so that you can wear then on your wrist, until your loved one arrives.
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Are you interested in trying out some rituals for getting back together with your ex? Write us.

Are you sick and tired of waiting for the partner of your dreams? Take advantage of our help and find out more about professional magic for getting back together with your ex. One thing that getting back with your ex magic brings about is accepting yourself just as you are, on the other hand it will help you on working on your faults, so that you too can be a person that people value. Never use getting back with your ex magic, in order to bend other people to your will, as you will never succeed.

Please take into consideration that not all getting back together with your ex spells can have an effect on your own desires. People do not always know what’s best for them. What appears to be disappointing can reveal itself to have been for the best through the course of time. Are you suffering from heartache? Get in touch with us through whitemagic@me.com!

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