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How to behave to get ex-partner back?

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First of all, you alone have to be happy. Only then can be happy also your relationship! If you are not in balance and happy, you cannot be happy nowhere, even with your dream partner! Do things which makes you happy. First of all fill your life with something meaningful, give the purpose to your life. When you achieve this, you will be able to enjoy your life even more with your partner.
Practice some sport, go to the nature, eat healthy. Unhappy, heartbroken people have for sure no power of attraction. You cannot win somebody's heart through statements like: "I'm going to kill myself. Without you, my life has no meaning!" This is extortion and through this you cannot have long-term happy relationship.
People want to be together when they feel love and joy. Start with regular daily meditation and read positive spiritual books, which give you new energy and hope. Find out some recommended movies here.
Accept this new situation as a chance to change something. Take it as a possibility to rise, not as a cruel blow. Every happening, every situation tries to say something to you. The life, the higher power, speaks to us daily. One just has to open eyes and ears, see and listen. Align yourself with the rhythm of life and try to be more a witness then an active player. You will realize, that “something” speaks to you and lead you. Let your own soul to navigate you!
Don't break off the contact! Many people want to "punish" their Ex partner and block his/her phone calls and messages, block contacts on social networks like Facebook.
Don't start with any self- destructing activities! If you try to forget with the help of alcohol, drugs or pills, don't expect any new chance from your ex partner! Many people say: " OK, but how can I live now? How can I end all of this mess?". The answer is: with the meditation and self- realization! Start to practice things, which you have always desired to do! It can be sport or art or anything else. Educate yourself further!
Too many people have low opinion of themselves! That is real problem. If you cannot find satisfaction in your life and inside of yourself, nobody, even your partner wouldn't be able to help you. Every human being is unique. Everybody has some potential, where s/he can improve, but this doesn't mean, that this effort for “better and more” would cause inner stress. You can search after more, but in a calm and relaxed way. Accept also your "negative" side. Nobody is perfect and an ideal is very relative. Try to love yourself just as you are.
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