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An Introduction to Candle Magic

The Law of Analogy

"That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing. “ One can understand the essence of Universe, the connections between above and below, from the observation of micro and macrocosm. “What is below is equal of what is above. It means that micro and macrocosm match with one another.” This means that everything is connected.

Candle Magic

Because of its simplicity, the Candle Magic is performed quite often. The ritual is not complicated you will need just several things, which can be bought easily in every supermarket. The rituals can be performed easily at home, in any room. For the white magic rituals are the best choice solid candles, not just those with colour on the surface!
A wish we would like to be fulfilled by blowing out the candles on the birthday party is also Magic. This custom is based on the principles of will and clarity. One who wants to fulfil a desire, has to concentrate properly and see the result clearly (to feel it inside so intense, that you feel the result standing right now directly in front of you). You can increase your focus and efficiency also by writing the desire on the piece of paper and putting it under the candle, or inscribing it directly on the candle with something sharp. If you do so, it is necessary to leave the paper under the candle, till it burns down completely. Then, you can burn the paper with the remains of the wax and bury the ashes under the strong tree.

Candle magic
In order to choose right colour, you can follow the recommendations below. But, first of all, you have to feel the colour “right”. For example, for love magic you can use red colour, because red represents a passion or romance, or you can use also green colour, as the symbol of growth and long- lasting life.


Positive effects, gives understanding and attracts power. Rituals for achieving success quickly. Rituals which need power of the Sun. It is used for ceremonies devoted to sun and for cleaning of the aura. One should use candles which have the certain colour also inside, not only on the surface. But this is sometimes a problem, because in most cases you don't get solid candles. Read more about success and money spells.


For those you want a baby, for success and good luck. Also for problems of mothers, health and attraction of money. For money and job are prayers focused on Jupiter. It won't work for greedy wishes, because those are negative ones. It will help only if somebody really need some money.


Witch-knowledge, inner peace, grace, inner calmness, sleep. Prevailing colour of rituals for wisdom and truth. Blue candles are essential for healing rituals of soul and psychic nature. For such rituals are invocated Aradia or Diana.


To break through, to let go. It opens unconscious. Black is used for rituals which aims to reach deeper levels, or to get rid of negativities. It is used also for protection rituals. One can ask for help the horned God Karnavna.

Sky blue

Healing physical and also psychical, support of health and purity. Together with white it supports cleaning. Read more about healing magic.


Protection, cleaning, is used also for purposes of the church, it is a symbol of peace, an altar candle. White can be also seen as the symbol of a soul.


Represents growth, power of will, imaginativeness. It increases the power of attraction of the ritual. Red is suitable for love spells of all kinds, especially for Venus rituals. There are different opinions about use of this colour. Many people think that red is for love rituals too tough, because it is the colour of Mars, God of the War.


Represents protection. It is used for rituals, which create protective magical amulets. During the ritual, mage charges the amulets with desired powers, which help to go through obstacles or to protect. Read more about magical amulets.

In white magic it is possible to find access to the spiritual world through astral journeys, in order to obtain information and influence what you do with that information (for example rituals or sacrifices).

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