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Healing with Puppet

Healing Spell

to heal any disease


to support the healing process with the help of the puppet.

The basic idea of this spell is the strong analogy work. Our focus and connection with the sick person is achieved by creating the representative of this person- a puppet. To create the doll from a cloth needs some time and effort. One should make this doll alone and concentrate all the time on the person, who s/he wants to heal. During time of the creation, one should focus on the result of this spell- the healthy and happy person! Be aware, that in case of serious diseases, the healing has to be done on all possible levels at once: modern medicine, healthy diet, breathing exercises, daily meditation and reading of spiritual books, prayer and magical work!!! Magic will be the additional energy support, but work and cooperation of the patient is also needed.

What you will need:
Hand made puppet
Matches or lighter
Blue candle (representing healing energy)

Best time
Create a puppet by waning moon, as you want to increase energy and health of the client/friend. Good time for the ritual is then the full moon.

Ritual instructions
1. Make a magic circle and light the blue candle.
2. Concentrate on the puppet. Speak to it and give it the name. Say: “From now, you are not just a puppet from cloth, you are a living being and your name is …………. (name of the sick person).”
3. Charge the puppet with energy, fill it with light, visualise the person completely healthy and happy. Do it till you feel it is enough.
4. Then undo the circle.
5. Keep the puppet on your altar or any proper place. Repeat the ritual several times if needed. Wait till the person is cured. Then do the point 6.
6. Make the ritual which will unmade the link of the puppet with the person. Say to the puppet: “I am taking away your name, you can dissolve now into the light. Your spirit was united with the light. You are again just a puppet made of cloth.” Then, you can burn the puppet or do another action, which you feel as a good.

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Be aware, that in order to achieve desired results, you have to be in the positive and loving state of mind!