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Protective Magic – creating an amulet

Protective Magic

Protective amulet


To protect against negative influences or to accumulate power for special purposes.

Amulets are good for people who feel lack of energy or they prepare themselves for some situation which seems to be difficult. Amulet gives its holder inner power, confidence and trust during the tough times. Amulet can be some jewellery, a stone or any other object, preferably some natural material.

What you will need:
Four violet candles
Matches or lighter
7 tea-lights

Best time
Start this ritual in the day of dark moon. Then, you will charge the amulet every day till the next dark moon (28 days).

Ritual instructions
1. Place the amulet on the altar and place four violet candles around it.
2. Make a magic circle around you: best is to make a circle from 7 white tea-lights on the material level combined with strong visualization of light in the clockwise direction. If you need more information about magic circle, click here.
3. Ask for help Powers of Light and visualize the energy flowing into the amulet. Ask masters/angels to load the amulet with their pure energies. Charge the amulet with the power of positive affirmation. For example “I am power (You have to believe in what you are saying.) You (we are speaking about the amulet) are power. And we are one!”
4. When we feel it was enough, we thank to God Almighty, masters and angels for their help and support.
5. Remove the magic circle in the counter-clockwise direction. Blow out the tea-lights.Don't blow out the violet candles. Let them burn, at least next four hours, possibly more.
6. Light the candles every day and concentrate on the amulet, saying positive affirmations you have decided to use. After 28 days of work, give to the amulet one drop of your blood and the amulet is ready.
7. Carry the amulet on your skin and take it everywhere with you.