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Ritual for protection

Protection Spell

Candle Magic

To protect yourself against negative energies and get rid of them.


If you have the feeling that at certain times in your life, things are going wrong, where there were previously no problems, then it is very likely that you have become the target of malicious people. In most cases it is not so much about being attacked by black magic but about the negative feelings of others like envy, hate, jealousy, which can subvert us just as much as black magic can. Perhaps it is comforting to know that these energies can be sent back to their original sources. But for the time being you will have to protect yourself to prevent things from getting worse.

protection ritual

You will need:

A white blanket
A censer
A solid black candle
A solid white candle
Magic oil, protection oil, protection
Protecting and blessed incense
Decorations for your altar like white flowers or white stars (if possible)
Put on the altar things that symbolize protection

Best time
The very first time you carry out this ritual should be during a waxing moon on Monday, day of the moon, at a time given as below, or at a time you consider it necessary. 12-1 a.m., 7-8 a.m., 2-3 p.m., 9-10 p.m.

Ritual instructions

1. Preparation
The first thing you must do is build an altar, if you do not already have a space in your home reserved for an altar. Place a white blanket on your altar, as white is the color of the moon. You should wear a white robe if possible. Decorate your altar with white flowers, like Jasmin, which can also be used dried, and with white stones like moonstones of course and other things which you associate with the moon and with protection.
Put a container filled with salt on the altar to represent the element earth. The censer filled with charcoal and incense represents the element air. Your altar candles represent the element fire. And the chalice filled with water unmistakably represents the element water. Now all the elements are represented on the altar. This is important so that when summoned in the circle, the elements have a home, so to speak. The concept of the ritual is to show the lighting up of the white candle, which will be lit by the ritual candle and put out after the ritual candle at the end of the ritual. You should use a candle snuffer or two moistened fingers to put out the candles. You should never blow out the candles because it will mean that the good spirits gathered around the candle will be shocked by the action of blowing out the candle and will disappear. And with every ritual we are dependent on the help of the good spirits. In addition to the white altar candle you need a black candle, which will draw all negative energy towards it and keep it away from you.

Use a long, pointy object to inscribe your name on the black candle. Now take the black candle and rub it with the protection oil. Put some of the oil on your index fingers, spread it with your thumbs and run your thumb and index finger over the candle, start from the middle of the candle towards the wick (only in one direction) three times, and then start from the middle towards the base of the candle, again three times and only in one direction. At the same time, you should say:
“In the name of the moon, the motherly, protection force, I rub you with oil to ward off all negative energy.”
Light the (white) altar candle, then use it to light the black candle. Now light the charcoal and place it in the censer, which should be fire proof.

2. Cleansing
While commemorating a ritual you should be clean on the inside and on the outside because you wish to attract clean, good energy and not negative energy. In this case the follow saying applies, “Like attracts like”. This is a natural law. Positivity attracts positivity. Negativity attracts negativity. Or as the Chinese say, “Dirt attracts dirty Chi (energy)”. Therefore, you and the room in which the ritual you do the ritual in, should be clean and tidy. It also creates a completely different atmosphere. Now the process of doing the ritual can begin.
In your right hand take the chalice filled with water say,
“Be blessed, Spirit of Water.”
After that take the container with salt in your left hand and say,
“Be blessed, Spirit of Earth.”
Raise both hands to the heavens to let energy flow, saying at the same time,
Water and salt cleanse my body and soul, keep me from harm, send me your healing forces through the power of the great gods. Amen.”
Now place the salt and water on the altar. Then hold the ritual dagger (which should be double edged) in your right hand, in the left hand for those who are left-handed, saying at the same time,
“Be blessed.”
Sprinkle three pinches of salt into the water, stirring it in a clock-wise direction with the dagger and say,
““May this dagger be cleansed May this censer be blessed May this altar be blessed.”
You should either take a sip of the water or sprinkle some of the water on yourself. Then you use the dagger to sprinkle some water on the altar, saying,
“In the name of mother Earth and the Great Spirit. Amen.”

3. Magic circle
After you have been cleansed you may open a circle of protection. This is done with the dagger in the same room. Starting from the direction of the east to you walk around in a clockwise direction, thus east, south, west and north and close the circle again in the east.
Begin in the east and say,
“Guardian of the East, Spirit of the Air, which lets me breathe, I ask for your protection in this circle. Amen.”
Turn to the south and say,
“Guardian of the South, Spirit of Fire, which gives me light and warmth, I ask for protection in this circle. Amen.”
Turn to the west and say,
“Guardian of the West, Spirit of Water, which immerses and cleanses me, I ask for protection in this circle. Amen. By turning to the east, I close this circle.”
To conclude this part, say the following,
“To all you beings who have come, protect me from all negative beings and energies. Banish all evil spirits from this circle, so that I can be open to the good. Amen.”

4. To Earth
Stand with your legs slightly apart, with your feet shoulder width part, so that you have a firm footing. Close your eyes and breathe in and out in a calm and even way. Pay attention to your breath. Be aware of your breath. Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply. Concentrate only on your breath and ignore all the thoughts that come up. Feel how you also become more and more at peace by breathing in this calm way. When you are completely at peace, imagine roots growing out of your feet, growing very deeply into the earth, deeper and deeper. When you breathe out, let all the things than burden you and make you feel bad, all the pain and all the worries flow through the roots to the deepest part of the earth, into the fiery magma, where they can be transformed. Give yourself time to do this exercise and do it until you feel good about it and until you feel you are standing with your feet deeply rooted into the earth.
Now imagine that branches are growing out of your head, out of your shoulders and out of your arms. Your branches grow higher and higher towards the light of the sun. They grow leaves, which form a vast canopy. Every one of your leaves takes in the cosmic energy, the irresistible power of the sun. This golden lights flows through your legs and your feet, rising up slowing to your head, flowing in both your arms and your head. Again, give yourself enough time to do this exercise. You have now taken in so much of this golden light that your heart has opened and love flows throughout your entire body. Enjoy this wonderful feeling and take it with you in your daily consciousness. Come back slowly to yourself, open your eyes, stretch your body and come back to the here and now. Now you are full of cosmic energy, full of love, which you will bring to your ritual, in order for it to have the desired effects.

5. The Main Part of the Ritual
Put some of the incense on the glowing charcoal and concentrate on what you wish for: warding off all negativity and protection magic. Image being sheathed by white light and all attacks made against you bouncing off. You should, however, do this exercise every morning. After getting dressed, cover yourself in this white light. You could also visualize it whilst taking a morning shower, in that the first thing you do is let all negativity, the things that make you feel burdened and bad flow away from you and so that through the water, this white light can pour over you. You will very quickly feel, how much good this exercise does.

Add the energy and love you got from the earthing exercise to this visualization or add them to your wishes, if visualization exercises do not come so easily to you. If this is the case, then concentrate on the power of words. Use your own words which you should have already written down or you can use the text suggested by me. Should you formulate your own text, then you must take care that your sentences are positive and affirmative. Now repeat:
“Offer me your protection, Great Spirit of the Universe. From here on good things and good people come to me, for I am sheathed in white light and nothing bad can happen to me. I thank you for this. Amen.”

After you have coated the charred incense residue with a spoonful of charcoal, you can add another pinch of incense, if you like, and enjoy the mood of the ritual. How much time you want to spend like this is up to you. Should you end the ritual, do not forget to give your excess energy back to Mother Earth, by placing your hand on the floor and visualizing giving her back this excess energy. Otherwise you could possibly become fidgety, nervous or aggressive.

6. Opening the Circle of Protection
After the ritual itself has ended, the circle of protection is opened again. Again, this is done with the dagger but this time in an anti-clockwise direction beginning in the east saying these words:
“Guardian of the East, Spirit of the Air, I thank you for coming to this ritual and offering me your protection.” Turn to the north and say,
“Guardian of the North, Spirit of the Earth, I thank you for coming to this ritual and offering me your protection.” Turn to the west and say,
“Guardian of the West, Spirit of the Water, I thank you for coming to this ritual and offering me your protection.” Turn to the south and say,
Guardian of the South, Spirit of the Fire, I thank you for coming to this ritual and offering me your protection.” Again you close the circle in the east and say,
“To all you beings, who were pulled here by the energy of this ritual, I bid you farewell. You may go back to whence you came. Amen. ”

Put out the candles, as mentioned at the beginning (with a candle snuffer or two moistened fingers). You may use the two candles again but only for your next protection ritual. Alternatively: only when the candles have burnt out by themselves, can you throw the remains in a flowing body of water. Should there be no body of water in the vicinity then bury the remains under a tree. Open the window to conclude the ritual, so that your wishes can go up with the smoke to higher spheres.