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Chili Spell

Love Magic

To rekindle passion in a relationship


Passion usually fades away with time. Let's spark it again. Relationship needs it and it's exciting to feel it again!

This spell unites theory and reality.
Chili is known for its spicy hot taste. Therefore can be perfectly used as an analogy in a love spell, which purpose is to rekindle the passion again. We will use in ritual two colours of chili: red for passion and green for desire. Don't forget to use the rest of chili peppers for cooking of something extraordinary for your beautiful romantic evening!

What you will need:
1 stick or cone of cinnamon incense
1 red candle
Matches or lighter
6 green and 2 red fresh Chili peppers
1 strand of hair of your partner
30 cm thin red band
a wire, length 90 cm
a knife
a Scissors

Best time
The best time to perform this ritual is by waxing moon. Best days are Friday (the day of Venus, goddess of love), or Tuesday (day of Mars).

Ritual instructions
1 Make a magic circle
2 Light the candle and incense. Say:
“Element of fire, light his/her passion.”
3 Cut the green chili lengthwise and put inside the strand of hair. Then wrap the pepper up in the red band.
4 String red peppers on the wire (the narrower side), so that they touch each other. Then do the same with green peppers.
5 Form the wire into the puppet shape, keep it in front of the candle in order to charge it with energy of fire.
6 Put the puppet under the bed and wait for the result.

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