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Tarot spell, White Magic for Success

White Magic of Success

To find a valuable mentor or counsellor at work


Advancement or growing your career at work.


It is always good to speak with more experienced people. One can learn a lot, especially in the area of business or professional career. This ritual is designed to provide you with useful information of the Tarot and to attract a mentor or a counsellor in the area of your professional life.

The High Priest brings counsel and protection. His word is powerful and it can change the course of the things and situations. To gain such a mentor means to increase your knowledge and also to open doors for your professional growth.

What you need for ritual:

Chalk or salt
One Aroma Lamp with tea-light
2 tea-spoons of water
6 drops of Heliotrope essence oil
1 dark-blue candle
1 Tarot card
1 bunch of Chickweed (Stellaria media)
1 small mirror (which can stand)

Best time:

The best time to perform this ritual is on Thursday by waxing moon.

Ritual Instructions

1. Make a magic circle
2. Light up the Aroma Lamp, fill it with water and oil.
3. While you lighting up the candle, say: Dear Jupiter, I ask you. Please send me a good counsel.
4. Give the tarot card in front of the mirror. You should see the image of the card.
5. Move the bunch of Chickweed through the smoke of the aroma lamp and say: Please, bring me useful words. Then, put the Chickweed in front of tarot card and say: Please, give me what I wish. Till the full moon and new moon vanish, give me, please your knowledge.
6. Leave the card in front of the mirror till the moon anew or till the counsel/counsellor comes.