Rituals and Spells

Small Magic for harmony

Harmony Spell

brings life into balance again

To balance one's life, to achieve harmony in a chosen aspect of life.


for us, a harmony is the state of balance between a human being and his/her own life. Maybe you feel, that something in your life is not all right, that something prevents you from being happy and in harmony with yourself. Something has to be changed. But what? The vibration of your mind. In order to restore harmony, we will use for this ritual ancient symbol of yin and yang. This symbol will represent the harmony, you would like to achieve. The meaning of the yin and yang symbol is not a fight of “good” forces against the “evil” powers. These yin and yang energies are rather complementary (instead of opposing). Together, they create a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the parts. Yin-yang is an indivisible whole! Everything in our life has both yin and yang aspects. Everything in our life brings us positives and also negatives. Every destruction is the base for new creation, even bad situations evolve and brings its (sometimes hidden) blessings. So, if nothing is in reality positive or negative, we should look at the situations in our life from this higher perspective, which prevents us from unhealthy stress, anger or sorrow. This perspective means two steps: acceptance followed by proper action. This way, after first chaos, harmony will be achieved!

How to do the spell

Take a piece of paper. Draw there the yin and yang symbol. Concentrate on its meaning. Then breathe slowly three times and close your eyes. Relax yourself and dive into meditative state of mind. Now you will play a little game. How would you feel, behave and act, if you are 100% happy and completely in harmony with yourself and with the rest of the universe?! Experience it! Be it for couple of minutes. Now you can slowly open your eyes. (If you cannot experience it, help yourself with some happy past memory, where you felt happiness and harmony.)
Practice this exercise minimum two weeks. Take the symbol with you everywhere. Or, remember your goal every time you see the symbol somewhere in the street or in a book. Wait for positive results. If you do it properly, they would come fast.