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Job spell

Job Amulet Spell:

Creating amulet to find a job


Spell will open the door and create chances in search for a new job of any kind

This spell works with the rune called TEIWAZ (15th 15th rune warrior energy, the god Tiu, Tyr). Tyr represents success and victory. It is the rune of the Norse god Tiw, a mighty warrior and noble ally in times of need. The power of this rune will make you strong and confident, so that you are able to find a good paying job.The shape of the rune tells us how important it is to have a clear goal in mind when searching for a job. This rune and also spell should not be used for greedy purposes. In such case, the real success is likely to be obtained.This spell supports you to solve your problems in a magical way. Be aware, that magic cannot solve everything! You have to be prepared for this chance! So, you have to work first on your knowledge, skills and abilities, because without them, you success cannot be permanent.

What you will need:
A yellow candle 15-20cm high (for the spell on Wednesday) or a red candle 15-20cm high (for the spell on Tuesday)
Matches or lighter
A small stone with a flat surface - light and small enough to be worn in a jacket or trouser pocket
Teiwaz rune (to know how to draw it)
Yellow or red marker

Best time
Do the spell during a crescent moon. Wednesday is the best day as it is the day of understanding and the planet Mercury. Tuesday, which is named after the god Tiw, is considered the second best choice.

Ritual instructions
1 Construct a magic circle
2 Lit a candle with these words: “Spirit of success, be with me and guide me”.
3 Hold the stone firmly between your palms. Imagine yourself happy and satisfied on the way to work with a bag full of money. You have to feel the success in your body, as if it already exists in our material world.
4 When you are ready take a deep breath and breathe onto the stone as you imagine that everything you have just requested, will be transferred to the stone. Then say: With my breath I give you strength.
5 Paint Tyr on the flat side of the stone let it lie out to dry next to the candle.
6 The next day place the stone into your coat or pants pocket and carry it with you at all times. When your wish comes true throw the stone into the clear natural water.