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Healing Magic- to get rid of sorrows

Healing Spell

for getting rid of your sorrows

To burn away sorrows and/or bad emotions

This period of year brings to us more sad emotions. On the one side we miss the sun and this creates sorrow. On the other side, we cannot be just happy, we need also time, when we can put away old wounds, in order to clean ourselves.
This spell will support you to solve your problems in magical way. But please, be aware, that magic cannot solve all your problems. And it couldn't solve everything! We live on this earth in order to become more powerful, to improve our skills and this can be done only by our own activity. The spell helps you to name your problem, to focus on solution and to give you enough power to solve it. It can also open the door for you, so that everything will be easier.

What you will need:
Dry wood for fire
Matches or lighter
Tea- light candle
Red ink and a goose-quill
Enough pieces of paper
Yarrow and dry weed
Dry hull from 5 oranges

Best time
You will need to find some quiet place outside. Begin after the sunset by waning moon.

Ritual instructions
1. Make a magic circle, then make a fire.
2. Visualize cross and light.
3. Light the tea-light and write down on paper your problems with red ink.
4. Throw the dry weed into the fire and say: “I am clearing you away.”
Then, throw the yarrow into the fire and say: “ I am free now.” Then, throw in the fire your paper, where you have written your problems.
Throw the dry orange hull into the fire and say: “ Only sweetness remains, my sorrow is away”
5. Then, watch the fire till it goes out completely.
6. You should bury the ashes far away from your house.

Find out more about the topic White Magic & healing and try to do your own ritual. Be aware, that positive results will come only if you are able to keep faith and positive emotions during the whole ritual!!!