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Healing Candle Magic

White Magic: Candle Spell

Health Improvement Magic

blue candle spell


To support healing process and to give energy to the problematic places on the body.


This spell comes from one spirit and makes the process of healing faster and without complications. Beware, a modern medicine has its important place in the healing process, so, visit the doctor and follow the doctor's orders and medical treatment! You have to use all available means to heal! Thanks to this spell, the treatment will be effective and things will work for you.

You will need:

1. Two blue candles
2. Matches
3. A sacrifice in form of sweets, nuts and a nice fruit
4. Something sharp (a nail)
5. Small bowl or plate

Best time

The best time to perform this ritual is on Monday by waning moon.

Ritual instructions:

1. Create a magic circle. Take both blue candles. On the first candle, write with something sharp the name of a God or Deity, who can heal (for example Loco or Jesus). On the second candle, write with something sharp the name of the sick person.
2. Lit both candles and ask the healing powers for help. Offer the sacrifice. Pray for the health of the sick person, visualise as strong as possible, how the patient is healed, how happy s/he is, being healthy again and full of power.
3. Wait, till the wax in both candles starts to be liquid. Take the first candle and pour the wax in the bowl. Take the second candle and also pour the wax into the bowl. Say: "As the wax from both candles became one, the healing power of …name of God… and the energy of …name of sick person… became one."
4. Wait, till the wax solidifies. Take it, when it is still warm, and touch with it the parts of the body, where is a problem or disease. Visualise, how healing energy from the wax moves into the body.
5. After you feel it is enough, end this ritual and undo the circle. Then let the candles to burn down completely. After the ritual, go to the nature and burry the wax into the earth. Let things go and let the higher forces to work its own way.

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