Rituals and Spells

Ritual for protection

Protection Spell

Candle Magic

To protect yourself against negative energies and get rid of them.

protection ritual


If you have the feeling that at certain times in your life, things are going wrong, where there were previously no problems, then it is very likely that you have become the target of malicious people. In most cases it is not so much about being attacked by black magic but about the negative feelings of others like envy, hate, jealousy, which can subvert us just as much as black magic can. Perhaps it is comforting to know that these energies can be sent back to their original sources. But for the time being you will have to protect yourself to prevent things from getting worse.


Egg Spell

Egg Spell for protection


to get rid of negative energies.

The symbol of egg represents a mysterious essence of life and regeneration. Here you will use it as a way of casting away bad luck or bad things around you. An egg is a living thing and it has power to bring out the evil energy from person and absorb it.


Rune Spell for revealing of the truth

Protective Spell


To fight against lies


to uncover lies and betrayal, so that truth and true intentions are seen clearly.


This ritual works with the rune Dagaz/Daeg, it is the symbol of 8. The God Tyr is a justice warrior and he condemns all falsehood. This rune include inside something from Tyr.
This rune teaches us how wise is to smarten our senses and do not listen to words, but feel things with our bodies. Dagaz, Daeg shows us and learns us, that understanding and clarity are very important. It also says, that regular transformation in life is very necessary. When you call this special rune for help, it will protect you from deceit and lies.

Protective Magic – creating an amulet

Protective Magic

Protective amulet


To protect against negative influences or to accumulate power for special purposes.

Amulets are good for people who feel lack of energy or they prepare themselves for some situation which seems to be difficult. Amulet gives its holder inner power, confidence and trust during the tough times. Amulet can be some jewellery, a stone or any other object, preferably some natural material.


Breaking-up Spell

Breaking-Up Spell


for ending the relationship peacefully

If you want to end your relationship, this spell will help you and support you to do it without unnecessary emotions and negativity.

How to do the spell
1. Take a photograph of a person you want to leave peacefully. Take a black marker and draw the cross on the face of that person. Say: "Go in peace from my life. I wish you live in welfare." Than wrap the photo in the black scarf. Read More...