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Calling In True Love

Rose Petal Spell for singles

Calling in True Love

Calling In True Love


To help those who are single and ready for true love. To send out the magic message, that a person is ready to let somebody come into his/her life.


Roses have long been symbols of love and physical attraction. Their wonderful fragrance is often used in perfumes, in order to create a romantic and erotic atmosphere. Red roses particularly symbolize true love as well as passion – important requirements for a long-lasting, loving relationship.

In the tradition of magic and pagan spirituality roses are dedicated to Venus, the ancient Roman Goddess of love and sexual passion. Her powerful influence is an important element of this enchantment.

This spell relates to the ancient symbol of the rose, in order to carry out your willingness to welcome a worthy and true love into your life. To ensure that love pours into your life, choose red roses with abundant rose petals, as they are used in this spell to create a path of love, which will bring true love to you and carry it over the threshold of your heart and home.

You will need:

1 red candle, 15-20 cm tall
Matches or a lighter
1⁄4 wine glass filled with pure spring water A bowl filled with the petals of 6 red roses 1 thin sewing needle
120 cm of fine red cotton thread

Best time

Waxing moon, which makes stronger what we want.. The best day to do the spell is Friday /after sunset/, the day of Venus.

Ritual instructions:
1. Make a protection. Visualize big circle surrounding your entire house.
2. Light the red candle and say,“Oh Venus give this circle your blessings. Please, look down kindly at support my magic.”
3. Take the wine glass in your left hand and hold the palm of your right over the top of the water and say,

“This water, holy source of purity, carries the blessing of the goddess, Venus, within it.
Please also carry my strength and the strength of my true love, being called upon me.”
Sprinkle the water over the rose petals and say,
“May the love, which I experience, be as pure as my intention.”

4. Take 3 petals out of the bowl and take the rest to your front door. Lay a trail of rose petals from the doorway to your bed.
5. Thread the needle with the red cotton thread pierce the 3 remaining rose petals through the needle, in order to make a pendant. Wear the pendant around your neck throughout the whole night and then keep it under your pillow for the duration of the waxing moon.
6. Lay the pendant, your lucky charm, in a natural body of water and then you can expect your true love to appear in your life.

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