Rituals and Spells

Spell for improvement of your business

Business Attraction Spell:

to attract new customers or contracts


Spell will help you to draw the attention of people and bring new customers.

This spell helps you to improve your business, because your business will be more attractive for potential customers looking for the thing you are offering. It will open the door. Then, your part of work begins! The result is then up to you, how good your services and goods are and how can they satisfy needs of customers! The spell works with analogy. It uses as a strong symbol of attraction: magnet.

What you will need:
A golden candle 15-20cm high
Matches or lighter
Small magnet
7 coins
Golden marker
Piece of paper

Best time
Do the spell during waxing moon. Sunday is the best day as it is the day of success.

Ritual instructions
1. Construct a magic circle
2. Lit a candle with these words: “Spirit of success, be with me and guide me”.
3. Place the magnet to the middle of the paper. Make around it a circle from seven coins. Write around it positive sentences, what is your purpose, what do you want to achieve. Write them as if it is already happening. Every sentence start with formulation: “Thank you, that…” (For example: “Thank you, that I have enough customers and I am living a life full of harmony and welfare.”) Imagine yourself happy and satisfied, doing successful business. You have to feel the success in your body, as if it already exists in our material world.
4. When you feel that it was enough, pour the wax from the golden candle on the magnet. Imagine, how the energy of the sun is flowing into your business.
5. Finish the ritual. Burn the paper safely and bury the ashes under the big and strong tree. Give the coins to beggars. Hide the magnet somewhere in the place of your business.