Rituals and Spells

Small Magic for harmony

Harmony Spell

brings life into balance again

To balance one's life, to achieve harmony in a chosen aspect of life.


for us, a harmony is the state of balance between a human being and his/her own life. Maybe you feel, that something in your life is not all right, that something prevents you from being happy and in harmony with yourself. Something has to be changed. But what? The vibration of your mind. In order to restore harmony, we will use for this ritual ancient symbol of yin and yang. This symbol will represent the harmony, you would like to achieve. Read More...

Healing Magic- to get rid of sorrows

Healing Spell

for getting rid of your sorrows

To burn away sorrows and/or bad emotions

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This period of year brings to us more sad emotions. On the one side we miss the sun and this creates sorrow. On the other side, we cannot be just happy, we need also time, when we can put away old wounds, in order to clean ourselves.
This spell will support you to solve your problems in magical way. But please, be aware, that magic cannot solve all your problems. And it couldn't solve everything! We live on this earth in order to become more powerful, to improve our skills and this can be done only by our own activity. The spell helps you to name your problem, to focus on solution and to give you enough power to solve it. It can also open the door for you, so that everything will be easier.


Breaking-up Spell

Breaking-Up Spell


for ending the relationship peacefully

If you want to end your relationship, this spell will help you and support you to do it without unnecessary emotions and negativity.

How to do the spell
1. Take a photograph of a person you want to leave peacefully. Take a black marker and draw the cross on the face of that person. Say: "Go in peace from my life. I wish you live in welfare." Than wrap the photo in the black scarf. Read More...

Tarot spell, White Magic for Success

White Magic of Success

To find a valuable mentor or counsellor at work


Advancement or growing your career at work.


It is always good to speak with more experienced people. One can learn a lot, especially in the area of business or professional career. This ritual is designed to provide you with useful information of the Tarot and to attract a mentor or any counsellor in the area of your professional life.

The High Priest brings counsel and protection. His word is powerful and it can change the course of the things and situations. To gain such a mentor means to increase your knowledge and also opening doors for your professional growth.


Chili Spell

Love Magic

To rekindle passion in a relationship


Passion usually fades away with time. Let's spark it again. Relationship needs it and it's exciting to feel it again!

This spell unites theory and reality.
Chili is known for its spicy hot taste. Therefore can be perfectly used as a analogy in a love spell, which purpose is to rekindle the passion again. We will use in ritual two colours of chili: red for passion and green for desire. Don't forget to use the rest of chili peppers for cooking of something extraordinary for your beautiful romantic evening!


Simple bean spell

Love Spell

with beans

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To harmonise unbalanced relationship or attract back the one, we love.

Best time
The best time to start this ritual is in the first day of waxing moon.

Ritual instructions
Take two fast growing beans and put them into the ground together. Treat them daily with loving care. Two beans represent you and your loved one! When they start to grow, gently intertwist their vines so that they are two united in one. This way, you unite yourself and the dream partner together in love and harmony. As the beans grow together as one plant, may your life together is like a life of one being. Every day you take care of them, think positive about your partner and your relationship. Think, what you should do better than before, speak to your partner while taking care of the plants. Visualise strongly, how happy are both of you together, how supportive and loving relationship you have. Feel it, as if it is happening in front of you. Beware! Love is not just about your needs. Think also about needs of your partner, what can you offer him/her to show your love? Your partner is not your property and you have no right to “have” him back only because you love him/her! Learn to respect his/her free will, don’t try to change him/her, rather accept who he/she really is.

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Healing Candle Magic

White Magic: Candle Spell

Healing Magic

blue candles


To support healing process and to give energy to the problematic places on the body.


This spell comes from one spirit and makes the process of healing faster and without complications. Beware, don't skip the modern medicine, follow the doctor's orders and medical treatment. Thanks to this spell, the treatment will be effective and things will work for you.