Rituals and Spells

Rune Spell for revealing of the truth

Protective Spell


To fight against lies


to uncover lies and betrayal, so that truth and true intentions are seen clearly.


This ritual works with the rune Dagaz/Daeg, it is the symbol of 8. The rune is located among last third of 24 Runes letters. This group is also known as Tyrs Aett andit is the most often connected with the human affairs. The God Tyr is a justice warrior and he condemns all falsehood. And these runes include inside something from Tyr.
This rune learns us how to smarten our senses.
Dagaz, Daeg shows us and learns us, that understanding and clarity are very important. It also says, that changes in life are very necessary. When you call this special rune for help, it will protect you from deceit and lies.

You will need:

1. Orange golden candle
2. Matches
3. White chalk
4. One big flat stone
5. Saltbox full of salt

Best time:

Waxing moon in the Sunday is the best time to perform this ritual.

Ritual instructions:

Make a circle from salt around you, lit the candle and say by lighting of the candle names of people, who you believe have deceived you. Whisper it close to the candle. Draw on the stone with the chalk the rune Dagaz-Daeg and pour it without stopping with salt.
Then hold Dagaz- Daeg sign in front of the candle and say:
“Tell me what is behind it all and may (name of the person) will tell me the truth.”
Blow the salt away and show the rune to the flame.
After finishing of the ritual, leave the stone with the rune in nature, so that rain can wash away the sign.
You should reveal the truth within the three months.