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Ritual for acquisition of new abilities

Success Spell

to awaken new abilities


to achieve new skill. We will do an example of knowledge of being a perfect speaker, to be able to persuade people and make them cooperate...

Our thoughts are energy. And this energy, if it becomes very concentrated, can gain its of consciousness. This way, in un-material level dwell entities, which posses certain knowledge and abilities. The basic idea of this spell is to connect with those powers, which are the personification of what you want and gain knowledge and "know-how".

Best time
First day of waxing moon till the full moon.

Ritual instructions
1. Buy a book about the topic you want to perfect, in our case a book about communication or find a video on internet about this topic. Start to read or listen (every day till full moon).
2. Write down on paper the attributes of perfect speaker (for example: he knows, what to say, other people like to listen to him, he has strong and attractive voice etc…), you can add there every day new things, as you feel it. Most important thing is to focus on this work every day. 
3. On the first Wednesday, do the first ritual. Make a magic circle around you, you can focus on cleaning the circle inside, then say 3x Lords Prayer or any other strong prayer of your religion. Invite into the circle The Perfect Speaker. Call him saying: Come to me, the perfect speaker, you, who knows, what to say, the one, to whom people like to listen, who has voice full of power…etc… Then, say: please come and teach me, how to be the perfect speaker, and then, just say from your heart, whom you would like to become.
4. Try to listen, if you hear something or feel someone around. Meditate. Then, think about the symbol, which will be the sign of the perfect teacher. Draw it on the paper. After you feel it is enough, unmake the circle and forget it, do something normal and ordinary.
5. Continue with reading and learning theory about communication skills every day till the day of full moon. On this day, repeat everything from the point 3. Then, visualise, that the knowledge of perfect speaker is coming into you (like loading some file into the computer). Say:” Now, I am the perfect speaker. I know, what to say, other people like to listen to me, I have strong and attractive voice etc…”
6. Try to observe, what’s happening inside of you. Meditate. Then, breathe to the symbol, you have created. Put there all the knowledge about this topic. Thank the perfect speaker for coming and helping and let him leave. Unmake the circle and forget it, do something normal and usual.

Read more about Rituals and try to do your own spell. Be aware, that things will work only if you are in the right state of mind- positive and without doubts!