Rituals and Spells

Ritual for the contact with deceased

Contact with otherworld

for communication with departed loved ones, getting information and answers


to get knowledge, answers, comfort, that our beloved is ok.

The Tarot card Moon guides us into the mysterious areas of darkness, into the night and the facets of our soul, into our intuitiveness, desires, dreams, vivacious imaginations and intense self awareness. Therefore, it is strong and useful symbol for communication with otherworld.

What you will need:
- one dark blue candle (15-20cm long), which represents the contact with otherworld
- matches or lighter,
- Tarot card Moon
- piece of paper and notebook with pen
- photograph or personal thing of departed.

Best time
The best time is waning moon after full moon. Energies of going inside, deeper into unconsciousness are active. We can do the ritual every evening till the new moon.

Ritual instructions
1. Start at the evening before sleep. Cast a circle: describe clockwise a circle of light all around you, best with your forefinger or just by your eyes. Declare that the circle was done and it is ready for ritual. You should not leave the circle for the duration of the ritual.
2. Lit the blue candle, say 3x Lord's Prayer, and Mantras to Buschido. Write on a piece of paper what you want. (For example:"I want a contact with XY.")
3. Say: "In the name of God Almighty and his Love, I call you, XY, come and speak with me."
4. Put the paper under the candle, together with the photo or personal thing. Meditate, visualize XY and send him/her your love.
5. Then go sleeping. Before sleep, put out the candle with your fingers. In the morning, don't wake up, stay calm, with closed eyes and write quickly everything you remember from night.
6. Do this every day during two weeks of waning moon period. (Or till the contact will come.)
7. After these two weeks, we thank powers of unseen for allowing us to meet XY, we send our love to beloved person and let him/her pass to the light. We don't call him/her back, don't think too much about him/her, because this way, soul of dead person is stacked between worlds and cannot pass to the place of healing and power.

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