White Magic

Rituals and Spells

Ritual for acquisition of new abilities

Success Spell

to awaken new abilities


to achieve new skill, we will do an example of knowledge of being a perfect speaker, to be able to persuade people and make them cooperate...

Our thoughts are energy. And this energy, if it becomes very concentrated, can gain its of consciousness. This way, in un-matrerial level dwell entities, which posses certain knowledge and abilities. The basic idea of this spell is to connect with those powers, which are the personification of what you want and gain knowledge and "know-how".


Healing with Puppet

Healing Spell

to heal any disease


to support the healing process with the help of the puppet.

The basic idea of this spell is the strong analogy work. Our focus and connection with the sick person is achieved by creating the representative of this person- a puppet. To create the doll from a cloth needs some time and effort. One should make this doll alone and concentrate all the time on the person, who s/he wants to heal. During time of the creation, one should focus on the result of this spell- the healthy and happy person!