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Spring Magic for growth

Spring Magic for growth

to fulfil any desire



To make ones desire to grow and finally "blossom".


Spring season, as a season where new life begins and grow, is ideal for magical support of wishes from all areas of life. Using various plants in magic is known for a long time and it is also widely- used. Casting a spell by using flower bulbs can be used for those wishes, which we want to “plant” for some period, watch it to grow and finally watch them to come true. Best is to plant desires that will come to fruition in summer. This magic is effective, simple and for those who love flowers it is also fun. You will need some summer- flowering bulbs. Bulb is the symbol of life in potential, therefore it makes sense to have one bulb for one wish. Try to have several wishes, not too many, because your intention and energy wouldn’t be focused enough.