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White Magic: Healing stone Healing spell

White Magic: Healing stone Spell

Healing Magic

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To relieve from physical problems.


This spell comes from an old magical tradition. It works on the principle of moving the problem/ disease to some nonliving object. In the past people believed, that they can move their problem to some animal. For example, that if they daub their body with a toad, their warts would disappear. Don't worry, we won't use any toads this time :-)! We will need a stone. You have certainly heard about the healing power of crystals or gemstones. And it was also written a lot about spells dealing with minerals.

In the tradition of magic and pagan spirituality roses are dedicated to Venus, the ancient Roman Goddess of love and sexual passion. Her powerful influence is an important element of this enchantment.

Find some nice, oval, white stone. The best stone is formed by water. You can find it in a river or a sea.