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Apple spell for attaining wisdom

Apple Wisdom Spell


to get the answers, to increase understanding and wisdom.

Autumn and winter months are traditionally the time for introspection, going inside and coming back more wise and powerful. This spell is designed for this time of the year, it uses natural tide of energy in nature, which helps us to go deeper and replace sadness from the end of light and summer with knowledge and wisdom. Apple is the symbol of this wisdom.

What you will need:
1 dark blue candle (representing deep mind, unconsciousness or underworld)
a piece of paper with your desire (put there your question or area, in which you want to get wisdom, write it clearly in present time)
1 nice apple
matches or lighter
a sharp knife
small white bag

Best time
The best time to perform this ritual is anytime during autumn by waxing moon. Starting date is first day after the new moon.

Ritual instructions
1. Make a magic circle
2. Light the candle. Put the paper with your question under the candle. Say:
“I call you, hidden powers of wisdom. Please come and help me, create light my life, so that I become wiser and better being.”
3. Halve the apple. Take all seeds and place them into the bag. Visualise strongly, that those seeds is the wisdom, which will come to you during following days.
4. Eat one half of the apple, be aware that this half is the wisdom you are looking for and it is coming inside of you.
5. Meditate about your question/desire. Be aware of thoughts you have, observe, what is coming into your mind. Finish the ritual.
6. Let the candle burn completely (in a safe way). Then, take the remains of candle, paper and second half of the apple and burry them outside, under the strong and healthy tree.
7. Put the apple seeds under your pillow for next two weeks. Be aware of your dreams, write them without analysing into the notebook, which will be next to your bed. Write there also some situations from ordinary life, which you feel are related to this process and are important to you. Write there also signs you see during your way to work etc. After two weeks, look into the diary and find there the answers to your questions.