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Magic itself is neither white, nor black. It is a tool, like a hammer is a tool. For example, we can use this hammer to build a house for someone in need. But when we move the same hammer with certain speed, power and intention, it can also kill a man.
This is the source of our problem today as a civilisation. How are we going to use the knowledge we have? In our scientific development, we have already crossed the line, and we now possess the power strong enough to destroy the earth. And, unfortunately, there are many blind people and negative forces, who want to use this power. I would like to explain in depth the hidden connections, which influence our world today. How these negative forces work and what one can do to protect against them.
Our human civilisation as we know it today, has existed for 12,000 years. Geneticists have already discovered that the female gene is older than the male gene. In the process of embryo development, the embryo develops first as a female and after certain further development, it can change into a male.

Black Magic

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There is another important truth we need to realize. We are not the highest, the most spiritual or the most developed beings in the universe. Compared to other spiritual beings, we are relatively lower. There are approximately 100 billion planets where life exists in terms of cultural society, similar to our planet. Less than 1% of these civilisations are able to develop deep enough spiritually to keep from destroying themselves!
The humanoid societies, which are similar to us, destroy themselves the most. We also are at the same crossroads, where depending on our choices, our civilisation can be destroyed. The atomic energy we possess can destroy all life on planet earth. In the past, our solar system used to have one more planet named Phaeton. It was much bigger than the earth and yet, now, in it’s place there is just an asteroid belt. Approximately 60,000 years ago, there was a civilisation on Phaeton similar to ours which destroyed itself. And this happened despite the fact that the beings on Phaeton were much more technologically advanced than we are now on Earth!!!

There are many legends about this planet and unfortunately, they are true… The destruction of the planet killed more than 7 billions it’s inhabitants. Phaeton was much bigger than the earth and people living there were much more technologically and spiritually advanced than we are today. Despite all that, it was destroyed. We are all a part of God, but we also have free will and God respects our free will choices. So it is up to us whether we choose to destroy ourselves or we choose to develop into a higher spiritual society.
12,000 years ago, the highly developed civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed because of people's blindness and stupidity and greed. Even today we can see some signs that our planet was visited by beings from other planets, or that people in our history possessed highly developed scientific knowledge that allowed them to construct places such as the ruins in Ollantaytambo.
Each person has his/her own soul (a part of God, and this part is beyond time and space, )which means that we are spiritual beings. The meaning of our life lies in continual spiritual development, which will free our souls from the cycle of reincarnation and finally awaken us to our true nature as complete spiritual beings. Only then can a man can come back to the earth out of pure love, to help his fellow human beings. The difference between an ordinary human and an enlightened being is following: an ordinary human is like a man in a prison and Bodhisattva* is someone, who has the key to get out of this prison.

There is a power inside of us and also around us, which we perceive as a negative material force. This force causes us sorrows, fears and suffering and we feel it inside ourselves.
Everyone has this force within them which springs from matter and it is called cacodaemon. Conversely, every human being also has an agathodaemon (noble spirit) within them, the power, which comes from our positive human nature and the soul. (see also five inner voices)

* A Bodhisattva is a being who reached the highest level of perfection and enlightenment, and who came out of Nirvana, who has the will and ability to immerse in it again, but refuses to do so out of Love and compassion and a desire to help them attain perfection. Bodhisattvas come back to Earth by choice to help humanity in their evolution.

Do you feel that someone has put a curse on you? Do you feel something negative in your house? Do you have disturbed sleep and nightmares? We can help you to liberate your life from negative powers and black magic.

Are you feeling sick, weak, or experience an overall lack of energy? Do you need to solve your present situation or problem with the help of magic, because all other solutions failed? Or do you experience something, what is beyond normal explanations, like demons or curse?

We always work and stay with a client, till the magical task is done. Our work is personal- we need regular contact with a client. You can visit us for personal consultation or meditation in our White Magic Centre in Germany.

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