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Confronting your own shadow and recognizing yourself.

What in fact is white magic? What are the differences between white and black magic? How does voodoo work? Does God really exist? Are there such things as spirits and demons? Which religion is right or wrong? What happens after death?

We will attempt to answer such questions on this website. We will give our point of view on such matters and in the commentary box you can tell us your point of view. Our intention is not to force you to agree with our opinions or to convince you of our ideas.

In order to be able to practice effective white magic , one must first be capable of focusing his or her attention to such an extent that a trance-like state of the conscious mind can occur. This can be achieved on different levels: complete motionlessness of the body, regulating the breath, quieting the mind's chatter, concentrating on clang sounds, concentrating on objects, concentrating on mental images and through meditation.

White magic also means that you must be willing to work on yourself! If you wish to change your external circumstances, you must change yourself .

White magic leans more towards obtaining wisdom and towards a general sense of trust in the universe. Black magic deals more with obtaining power and reflects the pure, underlying beliefs of the magician using black magic. The results are probably not too dissimilar seeing as these paths meet in such a way that is impossible to describe.

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White magic is about ethical values, ideals and energy. However, each ray of light also casts the shadows.

The most important work in magic carried out today has two aspects. Firstly, it is an experimental investigation of the actual techniques in contrast to mere symbolism of magic and of white magic. The methods used in magic are remarkably uniform throughout history and all cultures. It is time to bring them to light and get them functioning again. Secondly, it is important to develop something which one could call a "spiritually of magic or of white magic".

Magic should possess its own flavour, its own worldview and its own philosophy. There has always been a tendency to regard magic as an ancient art. All shamanic systems consider themselves merely a fraction of the power and knowledge, which original traditions are said to have possessed. Even astrophysics and biology agree with this mythical worldview. However, white magic does not only offer protection. Forms of love spells belong to magic just as break-up spells do, when love wanes. Healing spells are just as much white magic as protection spells (already mentioned above) are. Protection spells ensure that that the enemy boils in his own evil.

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Tips and tricks
Rituals and spells
Working with analogies
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History; Basic Principles Background

Be aware, that with white magic you can also alleviate fears and worries by making new forces come to the fore, and by changing your view of the present. Find out more...

Do you feel like someone has put a curse on you? Do you feel overwhelmed by negative forces or energy? Did your partner leave you? Please contacts us we are here to help.

Are you interested in love magic?

Think twice before acting...

Love spells are perhaps the most frequently used magic spells in a magician's repertoire. Why is it so? Because people want to be happy, they want to follow the call of their hearts & feelings. They want to experience to love someone & being equally loved. They believe, that love of certain person will bring them happiness.

Many people have pure intentions, they want to be happy and they also want to make their dream-partner happy. They are able to do something for their love, to sacrifice what is needed, to change, to transform. There are also many people who just want somebody because s/he attract them. Then are love spells just a way how to fulfil one's selfish desires. But manipulation with other human being can never bring happiness.

There is no recipe for “right” magic. The border between “white” and “black” magic is tiny and depends solely on one's personal motives and intentions. The drawing of partners together, love spells, love magic and/or reunion of partners can be beautiful task, which opens doors and creates deep love and understanding.

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In selfish hands is love magic way to unhappiness and disillusion. So, think twice before acting, because you are fully responsible for your deeds and what you give, it will return back to you.

If you really love something, let it go! If it comes back to you, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was and it’s not meant to be!
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Ethical code of the white mage

White magic: advice and help

  • A responsible magician or sorcerer who works exclusively with white magic asks him/herself again and again, what effects to the world his/her work has. Is the magical work increasing the light in the world? Does it create more happiness, harmony and peace? There are no general rules, which can be implemented, because the perception and feelings about what is good for the world, what is good and correct use of white magic are dependent upon how the values of a society are defined.

  • Real magician is always alert and aware, s/he controls and corrects his behaviour, feelings and thoughts. It is because the real magician is a person through which magical powers can have an effect, even without spells being directly used. Magic can then prevail wherever the magician is.

  • White magic is first and foremost used to prevent harm and to create protection. Through magic you channel powers, which affect your surrounding world. White magic is here to help to create a balance and light. However the concept of defense is completely disputatious. Where is the border between you and the world around you? We all are interconnected, the Power, which created everything is inside of all of us, it is simply everywhere…. who is then the enemy?

  • The guiding principles indicate that white magic is particularly based upon knowledge. It is not the knowledge about how exactly to perform certain rituals but it is the knowledge of your heart within the realm of magic, which tells you, what feels right and what feels wrong.

  • Before a magician begins with white magic, s/he should be completely aware about its consequences. S/he should know what s/he is doing and why it is needed and right. That means s/he has to take responsibility for performed magic at all times. Only then will the magician achieve the freedom to do what s/he wants to do. This freedom is, however, restricted to the fact that nobody can be harmed by your magic. Read more about magic.

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White Magic offices

White Magic Centre

Visit us in our Centre For White Magic. You will find here harmony, serenity and understanding. You will tank new energy. You will find new inspiration and new way, how to deal with your problems. Find out more...

Our centre is a perfect place for people with different problems and stories. It is also right place for businessmen, managers and entrepreneurs. The calm and peaceful atmosphere here will learn you, how to relax and how to get motivated again. Need to relieve tension? We are extremely proficient with the treatment of Burnout syndrome using meditation techniques. White magic rituals and transfer of mental energy round off the successful treatments.

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We are a team, we work together in order to bring the light closer to all people who need it. Everyone deserves good life, but one has to be brave enough to want it and fight for it! We are on your side, working for you and with you, so that you can achieve, what your heart desires. Human hearts are the same, all of us desires understanding, harmony, joy, love and satisfaction. Find out more...

Magic is not a profession but the mission. It is a mercy to spread the faith, truth and love. We have been in the service of the Light for many thousand years. The white magic team leaders are Marion Daghan Malenky and Pavol Malenky.

White Magic Seminars


We offer personal consultations as well as mediation seminars and lectures on white magic, voodoo and fortune-telling on a regular basis. Find out more...

Every situation in life can be transformed to something useful and meaningful. You just need to see the situation clearly. To make good decisions and choices is not only the matter of good luck, but you can learn it! Do you feel that you need to change something in your life, because things don’t work for you? Do you have problems to relax, let things go? Do you have problems with your sleep? Or do you feel that there is no meaning of your effort? Our meditation training can help you to solve all these problems and find again joy and harmony!

White Magic

The rules of white magic

Magic Rules
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Know yourself
Who Are you? Why you behave this way? Why you like or dislike something?
Read and learn
Read spiritual literature and holy books on a regular basis. Never stop learning.
Practice meditation and introspection daily. Try to be here and now.
Breathe properly
Be aware of your breath.
Live a balanced life
Engage regularly in balanced physical activity. Have a healthy and balanced diet
Celebrate Life
Be grateful. Celebrate the source of all what you have.
Be mentally focused
Watch your words
Always know what you are saying and why you are saying it.
Visit spiritual people and masters as well as sacred and empowering places on a regular basis.

White magic is an instrument. It is neither black nor white. In the hands of good and intelligent people it helps in acquiring more knowledge, love and healing. In the hands of egocentric people it is a source of confusion, creating harm and pain. Just as one uses a knife to cut bread and thus does something good. But one can also use a knife as a murder weapon. A knife itself is neither good nor bad. Only when a person takes it in their hand does it become something good or something bad, depending on how they use it.

At the end of the day is that it is very personal events and experiences which have brought us to this point of view. We would like to inform of this in the hope that it helps you personally and helps you find answers to your questions or perhaps gives you a new perspective on these matters. You are most welcome to take part in the discussion on white magic and voodoo.

Who is a White Magician?

  • A white magician is the master of his/her own life. Being the master of his/her own life means having inner dependence and stability, not being thrown back and forth helplessly by external factors or life situations. It also means that he/she does not blame others for his mistakes, failures and shortcomings.
  • Even the master of white magic makes mistakes. The difference between him and his contemporaries is that the Master does not blame others for his/her mistakes and s/he always takes responsibility for his/her actions.
  • The philosophy of a magic master is following: If you don’t like something in your life, then leave the situation, accept things as they are or change something. Everything else is a waste of energy, emaningless. A white magician must be able to channel and steer energy.
  • White Magician knows, that White Magic begins in him/herself. Only when we know how to use our own energy, we will be able to activate and set energy in motion also for others. When we become more acquainted with ourself, our strengths and weaknesses, we can be more open to other people, their motives and experiences, and we can understand them better. White magic is the knowledge.
  • White Magician is open and listens well. We have to care about people and their motives in life. This way we can learn a lot about the human soul. We cannot solve a problem of our friend by only thinking about our own feelings. Then we will only end up walking around in circles! Only when we try to understand friend’s actions and his/her view of the situation, we will be one step closer in finding a real solution.
Read more about how to become a White Magician on White Magic-advice and help
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Ask for a basic free analysis and start right now to improve your life, relationships and self-knowledge! Only balanced person can create a balanced life!

Do you want to solve your present situation or problem with the help of magic, because all other solutions failed? Do you experience serious relationship problems? Are you feeling sick, weak, or experience a lack of energy? Or do you experience something, what is beyond normal explanations, like demons or curse? Do you want to look into your future and to have answers to your questions?

We guide a client, till the magical task is done. Our work is personal- we are in a regular contact with a client. You can visit us for personal consultation or meditation in our White Magic Centre.

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